About Us


Mary Knox

For the past decade Mary has run production and post-production companies, with a focus on strategic sales and talent development. Most recently, as managing director of Smoke & Mirrors, she worked directly with many brands, packaging entire productions from storyboards to delivery. This experience is at the core of Minerva.

Storytelling is a common thread throughout Mary’s career. As a former journalist and award-winning copywriter, her work as a sales rep and an executive producer has been all about finding the strongest ideas and then matching them with the best talent to bring these brand stories to life.

In addition to her own experience in management and business development, Mary’s six-year stint on the Digital Board of the AICP gave her invaluable insight into how many companies and agencies operate and conquer on-doing day-to-day business challenges.

You can reach her at: mary@minerva.tv.
Or call her at 646.483.7658

Shauna Seresin

A member of the industry-renowned Seresin family, Shauna entered the advertising business in London following a rewarding stint in the fashion and music industries there.

She became an administrative assistant at The Mill and then worked her way up to producer at Smoke & Mirrors before moving over to the agency side. As a producer at CHI & Partners in London, Shauna produced for both global (Toyota, Lexus) and national (Royal Bank of Scotland, Sunday Times) clients.

After seven years as head of sales at Amber Music, Shauna is leading agency sales at Minerva. Her experience as an agency producer and production-side post producer on both sides of the Atlantic makes her a particularly informed advocate on behalf of our clients.

You can reach her at: shauna@minerva.tv.
Or call her at 347.413.0868

Whether you are seeking fresh advice on how to solve a seemingly intractable problem, or looking for new talent and a path to develop their reels and careers, or in need of a different sales strategy or a unique perspective on your company’s operations in general… Minerva wants to help you build your brand’s equity.